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national security, chinese espionage, and huawei's murky connections to the chinese government. huawei's world headquarters is located on this sprawling google-esque campus in shenzhen, not far from hong kong. china's first international conglomerate is a private company, ostensibly owned by its 140,000 employees, but exactly how that works and other details of corporate governance are closely held secrets. what we do know is that huawei is now the world leader in designing and building fourth- generation communication networks, known as 4-g, the latest technology for moving high volumes of phone calls, data, and high definition video. its innovative low-cost systems have already captured markets in africa, latin american and europe. now, with huawei eyeing potential customers in the u.s., congressional leaders and the national security establishment are doing everything they can to prevent it from happening. do we trust the chinese? >> mike rogers: if i were an american company today-- and i'll tell you this as the chairman of the house permanent select committee on intelligence-- and
of the local government decided a nationals playoff run, just too monumental to miss out on. we spoke with a couple of them during the game. >> we recessed the hearing, a number of requests from colleagues, people in the media, everywhere if we could recess the hearing and then reconvene at 5:00. so we've done that. >> i walked over here just to be here to get a little bit of the atmosphere and to be able to be here for the first game in washington since way before i was born. >> hey, you can't blame him, right? just to be clear council member jack evans did resume that hearing at around 5:00. >>> a former aide to mayor vincent gray was sentenced to 24 months probation and 200 hours of community service today. howard brooks avoided jail time after he admitted his role in the scandal surrounding the mayor's campaign. he's the man who made the direct payments to sulaimon brown, the other mayoral candidate who was also aiding mayor gray in winning the election. brooks faced up to six months under his plea deal, but his lawyers asked for probation and community service of the. >>> an upda
attacks. note the barred windows all around. that night it turned into a trap. government sources say stevens personal security guard managed to climb out a window, perhaps this one where the bars were removed. the question is why stevens left behind in the dark and the smoke didn't follow. his body was pulled from that same window by a crowd hours later. the september 11th attack wasn't the first on the u.s. consulate. it had been bombed in june. on september the 8th, a commander of one of benghazi's most powerful militias met with three americans, one from the u.s. embassy to warn them about deteriorating security. >> translator: benghazi is not safe. >> you told that to the americans. >> translator: yeah. >> reporter: the brigade commander added that he didn't think his advice or warnings were really taken to heart by nerns. but that meeting had been called to discuss the possibility of americans' private investment returning to benghazi but the subject was even under discussion considering the circumstances is remarkable. >> the taliban said it is responsible for the attack on a 1
him. >> not in 1972 when he was up senator george mcgovern challenged him to a debate. historian ken hughes from the university of virginia found these tapes of president nixon. in this never before heard recording nixon cites national security concerns as a reason for not debating. >> it wouldn't serve the interests of the country particularly at this time when very important negotiations are taking place involving matters of very great importance to the nation and which cannot be discussed, cannot and should not be discussed in a debate forum. >> reporter: at the time the vietnam war was at issue. and the president gives instructions for a statement from his campaign denying mcgovern's debate request. >> what should we say? that the president that no incumbent president should debate his opponent. >> that's right. >> the differences between these two are so great. >> reporter: richard nixon can't resist saying if there were a debate he would win. >> nixon was a champion debater as far as he was concerned and completely destroy george mcgovern i think if given a chance. >> of course
continues, there have been rumors and sightings for years, but now proof the u.s. government may have been testing flying saucers in the skies after all. >>> then a little bit later, find out why some people are dressed up like pandas. isn't that cute? >>> felix baumgardner plans to free fall from 23 miles over new mexico tomorrow. the 43-year-old was hoping to help nasa figure outweighs for astronauts to survive a high altitude disaster. >>> another pro jeblght rumored to have taken to the skies over roswell, new mexico may have actually been reality. the u.s. government is releasing drawings, and schematics of the flying saucer it tried to build back in the 1950s. those documents show that the united states air force worked with a canadian company to create what it called a supersonic craft, shaped like a disk. project 1794 was eventually dropped in 1960, after the saucers built proved hard to fly at high all the tuesday. >>> first -- altitudes. >>> first the ruby slippers, and now dorothy's dress is on the move. the outfit judy garland wore in the wizard of oz is being auctioned off. i
industrial supplier. he wants smaller government and is voting for mitt romney. >> i think that is the central question in this election. what is the size, the role, and the scope of government and what is its cost? >> both candidates will be looking for more supporters in this state right up to election day. susan, cbs news, columbus, ohio. >> but don't worry, soon enough the candidates will be back in virginia as well. >>> there's a new report that says pro and antigambling forces are spent more money on their ad campaign that was spent on the entire maryland governor's race. voters will go to the polls in november to decide whether or not they want to expand gambling in the free state. the baltimore sun reports, more than $35 million has been spent so far on that issue alone and that is more money in the total outlay of the martin o'malley, robert ehrlich campaigns in 2006. penn national is fighting a proposal to develop a casino at prince georges county. >>> more problems tonight for the former d.c. council chair, kwame brown. kwame, or should i say, mr. brown has bee
. but that night it turned into a trap. government sources say stevens' personal security guard managed to climb out a window, perhaps this one where the bars were removed. the question is why stevens, left behind in the dark and the smoke, didn't follow. his body was pulled from that same window by a crowd hours later. the september 11 attack wasn't the first on the u.s. consulate. it had been bombed in june. on september 8, jamal busha'la, a commander of one of benghazi's most powerful militias, met with three americans-- one from the u.s. embassy-- to warn them about deteriorating security. >> ( translated ): benghazi's not safe. >> reporter: you told that to the americans? >> yeah, i tried to. >> pelley: liz palmer joins us from benghazi. liz, that rebel commander had pretty specific warnings. is there any indication the state department took them to heart? >> reporter: he said that his impression was -- his advice was sort of shrugged off. but that meeting, i should add, was called with the commanders to discuss the possibility of american private investment returning to benghazi, that they
to create seven million jobs. now, we think that government taking 28% of a family and business' income is enough. president obama thinks that the government ought to be able to take as much as 44.8% of a small business' income. look, if you taxed every person in successful small businesses making over $250,000 at 100%, it only runs the government for 98 days. if everybody who paid income taxes last year, including successful small businesses, doubled their income taxes this year, we'd still have a $300 billion deficit. you see, there aren't enough rich people and small businesses to tax to pay for all their spending. and so the next time you hear them say, don't worry about it. we'll get a few wealthy people to pay their fair share. watch out, middle class. the tax bill is coming to you. that's why we're saying we need fundamental tax reform. let's take a look at it this way. eight out of 10 businesses, they file their taxes as individuals, not as corporations, and where i come from, overseas, which is lake superior, the canadians, they drop their tax rates to 15%. the average tax rate
.s. backed government made recent gains against a al qaeda branch. one month since an attack in benghazi. the house oversight committee held a public hearing wednesday looking at the security measures before the assault. margaret brennan is in washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. state officials defended their decision not to send additional security to the u.s. consulate and faced tough questions from congress and the family members of those who died. those questions hang over hillary clinton's final months as secretary of state. top state department officials were on the defensive wednesday, the brutal assault on the u.s. consulate in benghazi became fodder for a verbal fire fight on capitol hill. >> i'm going to tell you this thing smells. >> reporter: members of the house top investigative body accused the agency of denying necessary protection for diplomats. even the department's former security chief in libya, eric nordstrom claimed washington rejected requests for help. >> it was abundantly clear we were not going to get resources until the aftermath of an incident
is a compelling government interest. it's really not justification for discrimination. >> reporter: a ruling in this case is expected next year. the supreme court has upheld affirmative action for the last 30 years. this case could change things. at the supreme court danielle nottingham, anita, back to you. >> thank you. >> eight of the nine supreme court justices will decide the case. associate justice elena kagan has recused herself because of her involvement serving as solicitor general. >>> two groups of casinos lobbying maryland voters have now spent, get this, more money than has ever been spent before on a campaign in the state. you didn't really need to tell us that, bruce, because we can't get away from the ads every time you turn around. >> it's like there are more than in the presidential race. you think it's a good time to ask the boss for a raise? >> you go first. >> the tv station must be making a ton of money. two opposing groups of casino and development interests have now spent a record almost $36 million just in maryland and there's still 27 days left before the election. >
, government health officials acknowledge there is a regulatory gap when it comes to compounding pharmacies. for instance, massachusetts does not have the authority to track how many vials of a drug are produced. at the federal level, the food and drug administration does not have clear authority to examine records in a compounding pharmacy. the f.d.a. is seeking more authority. pharmacist eric kastango served on a panel creating federal safety standards for the compounding pharmacy industry. who is minding the store in terms of regulation? >> the f.d.a. has worked very hard over the last several years to try to promulgate regulations to clearly define when does a compounding pharmacy exceed its authority and become a manufacturer under the purview of the f.d.a. >> reporter: the cdc has found so far the main fungus responsible for the meningitis is called exserohilum. this organism has never been found to cause meningitis before and a panel of infectious disease experts has been called in to figure out how to diagnose and treat it. >> pelley: a still-developing story, john. thank you very m
diversity is a compelling government interest. it's really not a justification for discrimination. >> reporter: a ruling in this case is expected next year. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the supreme court. >> eight of the nine supreme court justices will decide the case. associate justice elaine take kagan has recused herself. she served as solicitor general prior to joining the court. >>> people who report wrongdoing which can impact national security can now also report waste, fraud or abuse without fear of retaliation. that's because the president signed a policy directive providing that protection to whistle blowers. under the policy whistle blowers who handle classified information -- anyone who reports wrongdoing can be protected. >>> it's 4:43. turning our -- 4:33. turning our attention to the race for the white house, the two men vying for vice president will face off in kentucky. >> after president obama's lackluster performance, people are looking to vice president biden to help them rebound. >> reporter: paul ryan arrived in kentucky ahead of his first nationally telev
hours after the assault began. government sources point out lieutenant colonel wood was stationed in tripoli, he wasn't part of the assessment of security in benghazi. >> pelley: is the state department arguing, margaret that security was adequate in benghazi? >> well, they haven't finished their review. what we know is there were five diplomatic security agents present on the compound in benghazi on the night of the attack. three of them survived but they were injured. it still isn't clear how or why they became separated from the ambassador. and the state department is likely to be asked whether the u.s. should have stationed american personnel inside libya, a country in which the government doesn't have control of its own security. >> pelley: margaret, thank you. today mitt romney found himself in an unfamiliar place-- the lead. have a look. in a pew research center poll last month romney trailed president obama by eight points, 51% to 43%. but a pew poll taken after the presidential debate last week shows him ahead now by four points, 49% to 45%. that's outside the margin of e
the welcome mat for the candidates. >> it's one thing to study politics and government in the classroom and it's another thing to see it and have a front row seat. >> reporter: vice president joe biden has been staying out of thpublic eye in recent days reportedly fueling up on gatorade and animal crackers. chris van hollen stood in for paul ryan in the mock debate. >> the big challenge for someone like joe biden who is so glib and so good at listening to people is delivering a message inside of a structured format. >> reporter: biden will be trying to stop the republican ticket's momentum coming out of the first presidential debate. a new cbs news poll from three key battleground states suggests romney is getting a boost from his performance. in wisconsin president obama's six-point lead has been cut in half. in virginia the president's lead this rang to five points. -- shrank to five points and romney now leads in colorado. >> there are some very important deadlines coming up. if you plan on voting in the upcoming november election. you just have a few more days to register to vote if you're
.c., when they think of d.c. they think of politics, government, special interests, but we have this tremendous jazz community in the shaw area and georgetown. we have this legacy and talented jazz musician. -- jazz musicians. you can go out any night and you'll hear jazz. we wanted to tell that story. >> jelly roll morton, i didn't realize that he operated a jazz club in the area. the jungle inn. >> which was right next door, next door to ben's chili bowl. >> one of my favorite places. everybody knows about duke ellington. he's a living legend and great. we all know about him. but there's some other things about this area that you'll find out in the film. such as? >> for instance, we also tell stories about the childhood of duke ellington. why he started out as a jazz musician. he actually had a paint sign store. he painted signs. >> is that so? >> yes. a lot of people asked him can you paint a sign for a jazz dance. that's how he became involved in performing at those jazz dances. >> your film has already received great acclaim. you've been in -- accepted into 13 film festival
and government agencies. >> it starts at? >> starts at noon. lasts till 4:00. you can come and stay the whole time because there will be health screenings which you may have to wait in line for. we have computer classes this time. introductory to computer classes, learn about digital photography or free software on the net. we have exercise demonstrations, zumba. there's a lot going on. >> if you just want to be entertained, there is also entertainment. which level of white flint mall do you come to? >> the main level is where most of the things are happening. center court is where you register for door prizes. we have exhibitors going through all the hallways and downstairs. on the second floor is where we have the computer classes and speakers. >> i do want to remind you the league of women voters with this insert that's in the beacon newspaper that has all of the information for voting. there's special questions that are going to be on the ballot. get this and you'll be able to go over that information and make a decision before you get to the voting booth. the beacon newspaper. it's free.
government should not do business with huawei. the report warns of potential of cyber attacks from huawei and zte. both deny they are security threats. the action sequel took in $51 million. the movie," hotel transylvania" was second and "pitch perfect" came in third. >> extreme sky diver. a daredevil hopes to make history when he takes a big leap 23 miles above earth. this is the morning news. [ male announcer ] we put a week's worth of bad odors in a home. some aerosols may just mix with them. can febreze remove them? [ moderator ] describe the smell. it's very pleasant. some kind of flower maybe? ♪ awww, oh yuck! [ male announcer ] febreze air effects doesn't mix, it actually removes odors so you can breathe happy. you'd think i want to stay away from it at night. truth is, i like to stay connected with friends. but all that screen time can really dry me out. so i use visine. aah. it revives me, so i can get poked, winked, and -- ooh -- party all night long. only visine has hydroblend -- a unique blend of three moisturizers that soothe, restore, and protect to keep me comfortable for
. that means small business. >> phillip is ceo of a local industrial supplier. he wants smaller government and is voting for mitt romney. >> i think that is the central question in this election. what is the size, the role, and the scope of government and what is its cost? >> both candidates will be locking for more supporters right up to election day. susan, cbs news, columbus, ohio. >> and by the way, ohio voters have accurately picked the winning presidential candidate in the last 12 elections. derek. >>> coming up, sky dive aboarded. find out why an extreme athlete cancels that effort and he does it at the last second. >>> we are tracking another cold front. we'll tell you what that means for your morning commute and the nats game tomorrow afternoon. >>> and i'm scott broom live in montgomery county. investigating the tragic death of a mentally ill man after he was hit by police pepper spray and why neighbors are asking questions about the group home where he lived. >>> that man who died after being pepper sprayed by police in montgomery county yesterday, turns out he was a mentally
respond. government health officials acknowledge there's a regulatory gap when it comes compounding pharmacies. for instance massachusetts does not have the authority to track how many vials of a drug are produc produced. at the federal level the food and drug administration does not have clear authority to examine records in a compounding pharmacy. fda is seeking more authority. this pharmacist served on a panel setting regulations. >> who is minding the store in terms of regulation? >> the fda has worked very hard over the last several years to try from mull gate regulations, to clearly define when does a compounding pharmacy exceed its pharmacy and become a manufacturering under the purview of the fda. >> the cdc found so far the main fungus responsible is an organism that has never been found to cause meningitis before and a panel of infectious disease experts has been called in how to figure out how to diagnose it and treat it. >>> lawyers for the suspect in the colorado movie theater shooting want a preliminary hearing in the case postponed until next year. james homes' attorn
. he's been in a british jail since 2004. he's been charged by the u.s. government in a series of plots, one thing he's accused of conspiring to kidnap american tourists in 1998 and setting up an al qaeda training camp in oregon in 1999. he started with aiding taliban and al qaeda efforts in afghanistan. >> how come it has taken so long to bring masri to the united states? >> reporter: this has been a long fight. he's been fighting extradition since his m dictment because he knows frankly he faces a life sentence here in the u.s. one of his alleged co-conspirators has already been convicted and he's sentenced to life in prison. masri is an interesting character. he lost both hands and one eye fighting the soviets in afghanistan and he says he suffers a number of physical ailments. he lists diabetes and depression among them. his supporters argued if masri came to the u.s. he would be subject to human rights violations in prison. so they used those arguments to drag these things out. >> who were the other suspects that were brought back? >> reporter: two of them are terrorism financiers.
and political violence is high in capital letters. the government libya does not have the ability to effectively respond and manage the rising criminal militia related violence which can result in an isolated event. when you look at this in the context of 20-20 hindsight the state department was being told there was a problem. >> what do you expect the state department to say in response to this >> the state department will do two things. one, they are going to give the first detailed account of what happened on the ground. i believe their main point is going to be security can go up or down based on a threat situation, but we've never seen an event like this. since the storming of the u.s. embassy in iran in 1979 -- >> wouldn't that make you more protective -- given the circumstances in libya which were so wide-open, wouldn't you be more protective? >> i think you would be. this is the recurring problem for the state department and i don't know how they will articulate this today. we have 280 u.s. embassies and missions around the world. they have 2,000 security agents. you do the math. every d
. >> romney said he would work to stablize the new government in libya and egypt and help to arm syrian rebels trying to overthrow the regime. >> as long as i am commander-in- chief we will sustain the strongest military the world has ever known. >> neither of the presidential candidates or their running mates served in the military. this is the first election in which that's happened in some 80 years. >>> in richmond tonight, a debate between republican george allen and democrat tim kane, both hoping to become georgia's junior senator. they took shots at each other's past performance as governor but when it comes to washington, they agree on one thing, they can fix what's wrong with congress. >> frankly we have a ball and chain, and that's congress. congress is holding us back. what we need to do is change congress, especially in two ways. we need people who are more fiscally responsible and more people who know frankly the basics about how to work together. >> if i have the honor of being your senator, i'm going to give all my energies working with people in both parties to create jobs and g
of militias into a coherent force. but it also works closely with the u.s. government to identify credible rebel officers like colonel oqaidi and report on their progress. >> these commanders, they vow to protect civilians, they vow to protect democracy, they vow to obey international laws. >> reporter: making vows is easy. >> yes. >> reporter: sticking to them is much harder. >> yes. >> reporter: how can you be sure that these men are going to stick to those vows? >> well, this is what you do. you provide and you check and you provide and you check and you provide and you check. and you make sure that they are standing for their values. >> pelley: clarissa, as you say in your story, the free syrian army is really not so much an army but a bunch of militias with different agendas. you've been reporting from syria from the very beginning. who are the rebels today? >> scott, think back to my first trip to damascus a year ago. people were talking about freedom, dignity, they were talking about democracy. nobody even mentioned religion. now you have rebel fighters who are actively calling this
are upset over the strict austerity measures the government has put in place in order to secure a bailout. the biggest contributor to the greek rescue fund is germany. on monday, merkel said she will remind greece of europe's expectations towards economic reforms. >>> markets in asia had a mixed day. tokyo's nikkei lost 1% while hong kong's hang seng gained half a percent. >>> earnings season gets under way on wall street today. forecasts show cporate earnings will be weak and that led to a down day for investors. the dow slipped 26 points while the nasdaq was down 23. >>> gas prices in california hit another all-time high on monday. the average price for a gallon of regular reached $4.67. analysts say the spike in prices is driven by disruptions at two refineries. drivers could see prices start to drop now that california's governor has ordered the early release of winter blend fuel. >>> general motors is planning to hire up to 10,000 new workers here in the u.s. gm will be looking for software programmers to develop applications and devices to put into its vehicles. the car maker will o
't such a nuisance after all. >>> tonight the federal government is suing wells far go a-- fargo accusing them of fraud stretching back more than ten years. a crackdown on the fraud has led to charges against more than 500 people over the past year. those suspects all connected to various scams that targeted 73,000 homeowners who were trying desperately to keep a roof over their heads. things like bait and switch mortgage deals and bilked homeowners out of more than $1 million dollars. >>> neiman marcus unveiled thefamous holiday catalog and wait until you see the crazy ideas they've got. hope you have a big wallet. >>> a man in this group home dies after he's pepper sprayed by police. tonight neighbors are raising questions about their own safety. that's comg up. topper. >>> our temperature at wakeup, kind of foggy in the morning, 46 to 56 at 5:00. 45 to 55 until 7:00. and primarily in the 50s by 9:00. we'll come back and have the forecast for the nats game and look ahead to the weekend. ravens home, redskins home. >>> a reporter's death has been ruled murder, and tonight police are looking f
that night under armed escort to another house nearby rented by the u.s. government. the americans evacuated from the consulate about a mile away, would have come along this road and up to this gate thinking they were coming to a safe refuge, never dreaming that it, too, was about to come under attack from mortars aimed with pinpoint accuracy. so accurate that two more americans then died. security officials say the skill of that assault suggests a well-organized extremist group was responsible and one name tops the list-- ansar al-sharia, an armed radical group that had imposed rough islamic law in parts of benghazi until it was finally chased out of town last month by angry crowds. colonel hamid hassi, a senior libyan army officer told us he believes american intelligence knows exactly where they've gone. "the americans are watching ansar al-sharia all the time" he said "from the sky." in fact, the colonel showed us video of the drones he said were circling just last week. asked, though, if he expected a u.s. missile strike soon he said "that would be a mistake." "any strike would have to
arrow on the board and just barely it was up fractionally on the day. >>> the government says the number of americans applying for unemployment benefits fell last week to the lowest level in more than four years to 339,000. you think that would have boosted wall street. the number consistently below 375,000 suggests hiring is strong enough to lower the unemployment rate. and united airlines is raising prices on more flights, most flights within theist up $10 for -- the u.s. up $10 for a round trip ticket. no other major airlines have matched this fare hike. united tried to raise prices last month but gave up after the other carriers simply did not go along. >> i hate that now. >> really stinks, doesn't it? >> for a person flying a bunch this month. i'm okay with that. >>> corporations are spending huge apartments of money to fight a bill which would require labels on genetically modified foods. >> coming up we'll have a complete report on that bill and the fight to know what you're eating. 9news now returns after this. >>> we have some freeze and frost warnings. >> a freeze watch. there
is here basically to talk to the greek government about what it's doing to try to reduce its debt, to pave the way for yet another set of international money, the next installment of $16 billion or so, which greece need to keep from going bankrupt, is due next month. merkel is in support for the measures that have taken place here, measures that have made a lot of people very angry. so quiet here so far. not quiet, but peaceful here so far, but it's going to be an eventful day. >>> time now to show you some of this morning it's headlines from around the globe. "the washington post" reports on a new poll showing 20% of americans have no religious affiliation. the pew research center says that number was just 8% in 1990. and for the first time, fewer than half of americans identify themselves as protestants. >>> north korea says it can hit the united states mainland with a missile. accoing to britain's "guardian." it's unclear if that claim is accurate. of course, highly doubtful. the announcement follows a missile deal between the u.s. and south korea. north korea claims that a conspiracy t
. >> governor romney said he would work to stabilize the new governments in libya and egypt and help armed syrian rebels trying to overthrow the assad regime. voters favor president obama when it comes to foreign policy. >> we'll sustain the strongest military the world has ever known. >> neither of the presidential candidates nor their running mates served in the military. this is the first election where that's happened in 80 years. >>> 6:36 now. republican george allen and democrat tim kaine squared off in a debate last night. both men hoping to become virginia's next junior senator. throughout the debate, they each took shots at the other's past performance as governor. when it came to washington, they agreed on one thing. each believe they can fix what's wrong with congress. >> frankly we have a ball and chain and that's congress. congress is holds us back. what we need to do is change congress, especially in two ways. we need people who are more fiscally responsible and we need more people who know frankly the basics about how to work together. >> if i have the honor of being your se
2009 thanks to drought and government subsidized use of ethanol. candy bars are cheaper than grain. >> presweetened milk is what we'll be getting. >> gummy bears, that's not interesting. thank you, jess. >>> you'll want a warm cup of cocoa this morning. it's 52 degrees. >> 49. we dipped into the 40s now. >> whoa, definitely. >> tomorrow night will be the cold night. we have a couple of chilly days ahead. >> snuggle weather. >> that is correct. >> fireplace, snuggling, maybe twin set weather. mike hydeck is excited about that let's talk about the bus stop forecast. temperatures in the 40s and a few spots by the bay southern maryland still holding on to the lower 50s. sunrise not for another hour at 7:14. we should have a decent way with temperatures by noon only 56. 61 at 3:00. high today about 63. and by 6:00 p.m. still sunny and 59. we've got a big, really big ballgame going on. naptions-cardinals -- nationals- cardinals, first pitch 4:07. we should be falling into the upper 50s by the later innings. going to the park, a sweat shirt, light jacket, maybe the light gloves for the la
government i'll cut my beard. >> and it's not just celebrities like danny devito and rea perlman calling it quits why so-called gray divorces are skyrocketing. first up police in denver are looking for the gunman who fired a shot through president obama's campaign window. it happened friday afternoon shattering a large panel of glass. people were inside at the time but nobody was hurt. investigators are reviewing surveillance video for clues. police say they are not aware of any threats against the office. >>> td bank says more than a quarter of a million customers on the east coast may have been affected by an information security breach. the bank says unencrypted back up tapes containing social security numbers and other sensitive information were misplaced in march while being shipped. td said it waited to notify customers until an investigation was completed. >>> survivors of the deadly colorado movie shooting and the families of those killed will receive about $175,000 each in compensation. 12 people died and 58 were injured in the july attack during a late night screening of the ba
'm investigative reporter, 9news. >>> if you have a tip about health risk, government waste, or corruption, e-mail russ, tips@wus a9.com. >>> now that story has pretty much demolished my dinner plans, topper, tell me something good about the weather. >> it's the diet, you know, it works. we were 17 degrees below average today. the high was 55. our average high is 72. more like november than october. we still see clouds around. most consistent rain is up to the north and west. i'll show you that in a minute. 53 downtown. a little bit of light rain at national. dew point in the 40s and winds out of the north, northeast at 8. and that will continue tonight and tomorrow and that's going to keep the low clouds in place for a while across much of the metro area, even through tomorrow afternoon. all right, here's where most of the light rain can be found. some of it is entering loudoun county and if you go up 270 at northern month good manically county, some light rain as well. we showed you earlier, i just tweeted this. we had some snow. we had a couple snow flakes reported in tucker county in wes
fall for the scam? the messages look like they're coming from the government accusing users of things like child pornography. >> it frightens people and preys on their fear. >> in retrospect, the amount of grief this will cause us would have been well worth the ransom but that wasn't the approach we took. >> reporter: steve never did pay the ransom nor degette his data back, -- did he get his data back, even after taking his computer to some of the best experts in the industry. if. >> if you think you've been a victim of ransom ware, you'll need to reach out for assistance. the f.b.i. warns even if you're successful in unlocking your computer, the ransom ware could remain on the system and could steal personal information opening you up to new risks. back to you. >>> good morning. i'm jacqueline brown woody. very survived breast cancer for 19 and a half years. buddy check 9 has been an encouragement and opportunity and a blessing to me. 19 years ago when i was diagnosed and had the opportunity to share my story with others, it in turn became an opportunity for others to learn more abo
on the job market yet again when we get the latest unemployment numbers out of the government. investors also hoping for better earnings news after we saw problems with alcoa. shares fell on the aluminum company's cautious onlook mostly because -- outlook mostly because of a slowdown in china. the dow dropped 128 points in trading. the nasdaq was off by 13 points and the s&p 5 hundred was down by -- 500 was down by about 9. this is coming as better news. the u.s. economy grew modestly in september. the federal reserve says its latest assessment of economic conditions shows an improving housing market, helping many areas of the country last month. at the same time consumer spending was flat or up just slightly. in most of the regions surveyed. >>> more people struggling financially are staying in their homes. foreclosure activity fell in september to a five-month low. according to realty track, california, michigan and georgia saw the biggest drop since foreclosure. that offset a jump in the number of foreclosure notices sent to homeowners in florida, illinois and ohio. so we're starting to se
. >>> coming up the federal government launches investigations into problems with two vehicles made by two different automakers. we'll bring you that consumer alert up next. >>> in tonight's consumer alert two federal investigations into some cars and a break on air fare for now. first a steering problem in some 2011 hyundai santa fe suvs is prompting concerns. a fastener can come loose and cause the steering shaft to come apart. this affects about 70,000 vehicles. and then there's a safety issue with the brakes on the 2005 honda pilot suv. they can engage even if you aren't stepping on the pedal. 88,000 pilots are sort of rounded up in that investigation. no injuries or crashes have been linked to either vehicle for either issue and the search continues to figure out whether the problem with both suvs are bad enough to be recalled. >>> prices to fly will stay grounded for now. united tried to increase them and then delta followed with a $4 to $10 hike on u.s. flights, but there weren't very many other carriers that were going to raise the flight prices, too. airlines have tried 12 times t
. i've got the man who can tell you how. gregory mccarthy, he's the vice president of government and municipal affairs with the washington nationals. gregory, thanks for being with us bright and early. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's a good morning for you. >> go nats. >> reporter: how can people still come see this game if they don't already have tickets? >> as you might expect after waiting almost eight decades for post-season baseball, this season and this region have responded great to us. we are sold out for today except we're going to have available at 9:00 a.m. when our box office opens, a limited number of standing room only tickets. we hope people will come down and take advantage of those. >> reporter: get here early. limited quantys people. let's talk about -- quantities, people. let's talk about how to get here. so many people will are trying to get here around the same time. what is the best bet to make it easy and convenient? >> allow yourself extra time. we do expect a full house. the roads are going to be full. the metro will be full. if it takes
threaten to attack the power grid, financial networks and government. those hacksers are getting morography. >>> the "wall street journal" reports a slow down in job growth because some businesses are worried about the fiscal cliff. 1/3 of companies say they are not hiring right now because they don't know what congress is going to end up doing about taxes and spending. >>> there are 7 billion people in the world and the "los angeles times" says 6 billion of them now have a cell phone. the new report says only 2.3 billion people in the world have internet access. >>> the "the washington times" says a giant panda cub died last month at the national zoo because of underdeveloped lungs and liver damage. officials say it is possible that the female cub was born prematurely because its lungs were not fully developed. they are optimistic >> this national weather report sponsored by mcdonald's. i'm lovin'it. >> space shuttle "endeavour" is crawling through the streets of los angeles this morning. trees and traffic lights had to be taken down for to it fit. we'll show you how they are moving the gi
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